General House Rules

  • CHECK-IN – Starts at 3pm. Early check-in is subject to availability and an additional charge 50% of the reserved rate.

  • CHECK-OUT – On or before 11am. Late Check-out is subject to availability and an additional charge 50% of the reserved

    rate before 6pm. One (1) full night rate beyond 6pm.


    a. Reception will call the unit in case a visitor is at the lobby. A valid ID should be provided;

    b. Visitors under 18 years old shall be accompanied by guardian or he/she will not be allowed to enter the building premises;

    c. Visitors staying overnight shall be checked-in (with valid ID) at Reception in compliance with the fire and safety ordinance;

    d. Maximum occupancy per unit shall be respected and followed. Visitors will not be allowed to stay overnight if the number of occupants will exceed the maximum allowed:

    – Studio Unit | 2 pax allowed occupants | 2 pax allowed visitors

    – 1 Bedroom Unit | 3 pax allowed occupants | 2 pax allowed visitors

    – 2 Bedroom Unit | 4 pax allowed occupants | 4 pax allowed visitors

    e. Management reserves the right to conduct random visits to inspect the units;

    f. Visitors are not allowed to use the facilities: swimming pool/jacuzzi (ground floor & roof deck) and the Gym;

    g. If LGR realizes that the number of occupants and/or visitors exceeds the allowed number above, a penalty will be applied. The penalty is also applied if the visitor is caught using the facilities;

    h. The resident assumes total responsibility for his/her visitor`s actions/behavior and penalties will be applied in case of violation.

  • KEY CARD – Ensure to return your key card at Reception when checking out. Lost and an extra key card will be charged. A number maximum of keycards will be given per unit according to the number of residents registered at reception.

  • NOISE – Excessive noise that may disturb others must be avoided at all times. The security guard on duty is allowed to request people to leave the premises in case of excessive noise. If after the first verbal warning from any LGR staff, the noise persists, a fee of Php 5,000 will be applied straight away.


    a. Do not hang any items (towels, clothes, shoes, or hangers) on the railings or throw away debris or objects from your balcony/roof deck;

    b. Lanterns hang from the ceiling or railings are not allowed as well as additional lights that may disturb other residents. To keep a good ambiance, keep your balcony clean and tidy;

    c. Sizzle of barbecues and cooking on the balcony is strictly prohibited

    d. Corridor is a common area, leaving your umbrellas, slippers, shoes, garbage, or any other belongings along the corridor and in-front of your unit door is not allowed;

    e. Ground Floor Unit`s balcony furniture is not part of the common area; please refrain from using it in respect of the resident of that unit;

    f. Mind your children under 12 years old at all times at the balcony, hallway, elevator, roof deck, and swimming pool.

  • AIR CON – In an effort to conserve energy, please maintain it at 23 to 25 degrees Celsius temperature and keep the balcony and main doors closed while aircon has been used.

  • EVACUATION PLAN – You can find inside the unit on the main door an evacuation plan that should be used as a guideline to exit the building in case of emergency and fire.

  • WATER SPRINKLER FIRE – Located at strategic positions within the unit and it`s associated with the alarm system. For safety reasons do not tamper it.

  • INDUCTION / COOKING – Ensure that your range hood exhaust is ON when cooking to avoid the fire alarm ringing due to smoke. Kindly refrain from cooking dried seafood as it leaves a foul smell inside the unit. All charcoal cookers, smokers, grill, or any gas

    liquified petroleum gas-fired stoves or similar devices are prohibited. We set up a NON-STICK pan that you can use during your stay. Please refrain from abrasive materials or metal/sharp items that will damage the pan. Scratched and with heavy stains will be charged accordingly

  • SMOKING – All units have smoke detectors and smoking inside the unit is strictly prohibited. Penalties will be applied if the unit smells of cigarettes or if cigarette butts are found inside the units. Smoking is allowed only on the balcony with the balcony door closed. All residents must observe and respect the area at the roof deck where the NON-SMOKING policy is implemented.

  • POWER ELECTRICITY – 220 volts in the whole building.

  • POTABLE TAP WATER – LGR has its own water filter system. Feel free to drink tap water as we are certified by BGR

    Hydrolab Testing Centre and lab tests are done periodically.

  • UNIT CLEANING, BREAKAGES, PROPER HANDLING, and APPEARANCE – Treat your unit as your own home. Additional charges may be applied for extra cleaning, improper use of the unit and its furniture and other items, breakages losses and damages will be charged. Additional guest supplies can be requested at Housekeeping with a minimal charge.

  • LAUNDRY SERVICES – LGR has its own in-house laundry and prices start from a minimal fee. Different services are available. Call reception for extra information. The laundry list needs to be filled up by the resident prior to sending your personal clothes to the laundry. Otherwise, it is understood that the resident will agree with the hotel count. Any claims must be done only with a copy of the laundry list and no later than 24 hours after getting the laundry delivered to your unit.

  • LOSSES AND/OR MIS-USED BED LINEN & TOWELS – bed linen/towels missing/damaged in the unit and mis-used, with heavy stains, will be charged after a room cleaning.

  • MAIL, PARCELS, AND PERISHABLE ITEMS ACCEPTANCE – It is the resident responsibility to collect there delivered items, mail, and/or food from the Reception. LGR reception will call the unit to inform you once any item is delivered to you

    a. Perishables will be disposed if not collected on the delivery day as we do not have any proper storage for them

    b. Parcels not claimed within 2 days, due to lack of space at the reception, will be stored at Lost and Found (LGR policy applies)

    c. LGR staff is not allowed to receive any unpaid item

  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL – All garbage from the units should be brought to the designated bins located on both sides at the stairs for disposal (alternate floor). Please seal it properly before throwing it inside the bins. A penalty will be applied for garbage left in front of the main door in the hallway
  • FIREARMS and DEADLY WEAPONS – of any kind are not allowed at La Grande Residence premises at all.

  • GAMBLING – Public gambling is strictly prohibited on the premises.

  • PETS – We love pets or other animals but for the comfort of all our guests, pets are not allowed

  • LOST and FOUND – Any item left unattended in the common areas or inside the unit collected by our staff will be handed over to the Housekeeping Department for safekeeping. Items not claimed within 90 days from the date of collection will be deemed abandoned and will be disposed in such manner as the Management may deem reasonable. Perishable items will be disposed after twenty-four (24) hours of storage. LGR is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged belongings while in, on, or about the premises.

  • CAR/MOTORCYCLE/BICYCLE PARKING – LGR residents and visitors should park only at designated parking areas. Vehicles shall be parked in a manner that will not obstruct the free passage of other vehicles either on the road or inside the parking area. Management will not be liable for any damage or loss. The elevator is not allowed to be used to bring bicycles to the unit.

  • OWELS & OTHER UNIT’S SET UP – Bringing towels outside the building premises is not allowed.

  • GROUND FLOOR SWIMMING POOL – see the rules and regulations at the pool area. Must wear proper swimming attire
    (NO COTTON/MAONG). Open daily from 9am to 10pm. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times in this area. For registered residents’ use only.

  • GROUND FLOOR HEATED JACUZZI – it is heated upon request between 10am to 8pm. Must wear proper swimming attire (NO COTTON/MAONG). For health issues, kids are not advised to use the heated jacuzzi. For registered residents’ use only.

  • ROOF DECK AREA – Open daily from 6am to 11pm. Gatherings are not allowed after Sky Bar is closed. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times in this area. For registered residents’ use only.

  • ROOF DECK INFINITY POOL & JACUZZI – For residents only. Open daily from 8am to 10pm (see the rules and regulations at the pool area). Please note that the Jacuzzi blower is switched off at 9pm.

  • GYM – For residents only. Open daily from 6am to 10pm. All rules at the gym area must be respected. We do not have an instructor at the gym. Remember that the use of its equipment involves a risk of serious injury, including permanent disability. Management will not be liable for any accident that may happen. The volume of the music should be kept at a level that does not disturb others. If you find any equipment not working properly, please inform reception.

  • LA GRANDE SPA – We offer Sauna, Steaming, Massage, and Salon located on the 2nd Floor of Phase 2 Building. Open for walk-in and in-house guests, open Thursday to Tuesday from 2PM – 11PM. You may call Spa Reception for booking or price inquiries thru our in-house phone speed dial or dial 2022.

  • ZERMATT INTERNATIONAL DINING/ Bar / Sky Bar – Please refer to the posted operational hour per outlet. Payment shall be settled directly after consumption. As we are different companies, we are not able to post any billing to your room.

  • RESIDENTIAL USAGE –Each unit must be occupied and used for a residential purpose only. NO improper, offensive, and/or unlawful actions must be made inside the premises. LGR does not tolerate actions or attitudes that affect the comfort, privacy, and security of other residents and employees. For your privacy while inside the unit, ensure that your curtains are closed. When staying on the balcony please wear proper clothing as your neighbors are close by.

  • VANDALISM & TAMPERING – Include, but are not limited to, destruction of signs, and tearing down notice is strictly prohibited and people found responsible for vandalism and tampering shall be dealt with accordingly. Whenever LGR considers it appropriate charge will be applied for repairing or replacement of the broken/damaged items.

  • UPON CHECK-OUT – units managed by LGR will be checked by the housekeeping team for clearance

  • In case additional information or rules are needed to implement due to guidelines set by concerned agencies, the management will be posting ADDITIONAL NOTICE or INFORMATION thru e-mail/poster.