La Grande Spa

A place where there is a lot of memories & happy moments. La Grande Residence has its own Monthly Issue Magazines or Journals about the happenings in La Grande Residence. A very informative marketing material that contains news and updates, new promotions, and happy moments.

Home of your Wellness

Thinking about convenience, La Grande Spa offers Sauna, Steaming, Massage, and Salon inside the building on the 2nd floor. Be the best you with La Grande Spa, the home of your Wellness.

  • Massage – 2PM – 11PM (Everyday)
  • Sauna Area – 2PM – 11PM (Saturdays & Sundays ONLY)

La Grande Spa Services

Massage Service

Sauna Area

Hair & Nails Service

Fitness Class

Enjoy & Experience our Distinctions

We can help you fit your stay and experience within your allotted budget.